Saturday, December 1, 2012

Peter, I Know You

Breaking the surface
I must remind myself to breathe
Somehow it will be worth it
Though all is bitterness that seethes

Tide sucks me down again
I surrender to it's pull
Then I remember I'm not done
Even if my anguish capacity is full

I fight and I struggle
Pulling never close
My motivation has departed
Of all it guided most

I can't continue on
Of strength I am deplete
Sinking downward to the depths
It seems as if I'm on repeat

I know the end will come
Yet soon enough not
All floating pretty dreams
Each single one forgot

"And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Post 22 of 27- Charity, Explained

Charity, Explained

I've finally found
One whom they fit
Those unused words
On my mind sit

I tried so long
To keep my space
But in my heart
You reserved place

My care for you
Is all I feel
And so your heart
I leave to heal

Words can't explain
How deep it goes
Feelings mine
Create fresh woe

For your own good
E'en tho it's true
I haven't said
That I love you


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post 21 of 27- High On Life

If I ever become a published writer I may have to give Starbucks a share just because of the sheer number of pieces inspired inside it's air conditioned comfort I use in place of a writing studio.

High On Life

Glowing red embers
As the man takes a hit
Blowing smoke clouds
Bright flame lights the tip
Pause to grab his drink
Slowly take a sip

A cough interrupts
Fit of hacking so severe
The very essence inhaled
Creating peace and calm
Both feelings held dear
And yet causing pain
To draw itself ever near

Taking in that which feels
So enlightening and warm
A plethora of addictions
All powerful inside our form
Causing euphoria to breed
And all pain of ours to scorn

So in we continue our drag
Taking shots of all of life
Pretending we do not hasten
End of peace and dawn of strife
For every piece of us becalmed
A future part with struggle rife

Surrounding us red embers
As one we take our hit
The smoke of life our vision clouds
As we extinguish life's bright tip
Hasten to that one last drink
Our life ends with a knowing sip


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Part 20 of 27- Hope Unclaimed Until Real Change

All of these cool people
Na they're all just really lames
The degradation of this culture
Canny fully be explained
Until the morals of our leaders
And their absences are blamed
I'm not saying its all theirs
This wicked nation we've become
I'm just saying that the few
Have stopped their ears to the some
Gone forever are those days
When this great nation spoke as one
I'm not one to sit and moan
But our plight's got me confused
Some still trying other methods
But salvation comes only when infused
Not with our greatest hopes or dreams
But the blood of a man enthused
Not because of this world's gain
Or any of our earthly treasure
But from his great Infilling
God's presence without measure
So I'll spread Him and bring hope
While you golf and take your leisure


Friday, August 17, 2012

Part 19 of 27- The End Of Beginning

I'm not there yet
But someday I will be
I haven't arrived
But someday you'll see
Not any longer
Rooted here like a tree
But head held up
From the world truly free
I'm still working
The life offered as a fee
The only form
Of payment made for me
So precious He
Holds my life upon it's knee
It doesn't matter
Whether or not you agree
My potential
With Him is wider than the sea
So you run
And live life frantic as a bee
I'll just sit
And sip this cup of tea
For I know
My end is simply continuity


Monday, August 6, 2012

Post 18 of 27- Construction: Ongoing

Okay I am officially declaring failure. It is now six days into August and I am only on post 18. I apologize :( Thank you so much to everyone who kept up with my posts though! Watching the hit counter shoot up has been awesome, knowing that all of you are enjoying my artwork is such a great feeling, even if you can't express that enjoyment through a comment or follow (hint hint). I am going to finish out the  postings they'll just be very late. School starts soon and with my two jobs and volunteer work, finding time to get online for reasons other than homework is going to be interesting. It feels like summer was barely even here! Ah well, life keeps going. This one is short because my brain wouldn't focus on just one topic today but I may lengthen it later. Enjoy!!! :)

Construction: Ongoing

Concrete walls goin up again
Manipulation's what you'll get from him
Not playin anymore it's serious
Those other barriers seem so thin
Not playin with you now
This is not another careless whim
Can't afford to let in your little words
Like tiny fangs into my shin
So that softness is now buried
It's ever lost now deep within


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Post 17 of 27- A Date With Fate

I think this might be a big mistake
These talents and skills
All mine to take
And use however
I feel is right for all's sake

But how do I know
Do I rear back and let go
Or should I tame this beast
And culture it's flow
I've got one chance
It seems all too easy to blow

I can pierce your sad rants
Make them sound like dog pants
Stack my rhymes with yours
The quality scants
My lyrics tango
While yours learn to dance

Maybe it's not my place
To show others how to trace
The genius of all those past
Imitating grace
While we remain
Poor substitutes of fancy lace

Perhaps I'll stay humble
Not worry about whether I fumble
For on this artful path
I'll sometime stumble
Maybe I'll keep still
And bear up without grumble

I suppose I'll have to wait
One day I'll know what is my fate
I'll figure out this road
And set upon a gait
I just wish it was now
Not at a later date


Oh, by the way, you guys already got me over 1,300 views!!! You're so awesome!!! Thank you for support! Feel free to drop me a line or comment below and follow my blog!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Post 16 of 27- Waiting On Inspiration

So bored
This dull maroon
The carpet staring at me
I suppose
It's trying to escape
The harsh glare from the light
Ugly wood
Grotesque twists
Creating a semblance of table
Receptioner sits
Chewing horselike her gum
Across me
An overstuffed hedge
A chair of pattern awfully floral
Fake green
Leaves encircle me
Faux plants to my right and left
Who knew
Among a waiting room
A dreary inspiration was here to find

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Post 15 of 27- 1,200 Views!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so woefully behind on these posts Note to self: never make a writing commitment in public again. I have already written two pieces today but only one is for public viewing, it's just some random rhyming I did. Fun rhymes like this are one of the things I really enjoy doing. I think one of my next pieces will be about summer about to end..hmm...but anyway, here's a post to hold you till tonight. I plan on posting twice a day until the end of the month, that will catch me up on my posing goal! Thank you everyone once again for your continued visual appreciation of my work! Almost 1,200 views on the blog! It really does mean a lot to see that there are people out there who truly enjoy the work I enjoy so much. I'll quit rambling now and let you get to the enjoyable part :)

For Rhyme's Sake

Spittin rhymes for spittins sake
Gonna get this track all wet, Maloney lake
just because your lyrics bounce
Does not you an artist make
Just like throwin eggs into a pan
Doesn't magically create a cake
Don't think I'm hatin on your craft
I'm just tryina tell you don't be fake
It's not my pride that drives me
To be driven by one other is my take
I know you'll take this message hard
Probly hold it in and let it bake
You better let it out and let it go
Or your psyche it will break
I'm not comparing you to me
You can't compare a mower to a rake
One has power seeming unlimited
While the other just piles makes
If you stack one up on the other
The rake's courage would forsake
It's image would be ruined
It's seen effectiveness at stake
I'm sorry for my metaphors
Some people grasp them like snowflakes
And by that I mean not at all
So my point I must then remake
Undress it from its intelligent address
And present it completely nak-
Ed without those fancy trimmings
That make it look so good like Blake
But what was I sayin?
Oh yeah about those rhymes you break
I mean not like they were together
I mean they don't exactly make me ache
Maybe I should pick another topic
Off those jumbles remind me of a quake
Man these lyrics just seem to wind
Subject to subject like a snake
But hopefully their honest expression
Your creative eyes they will awake
Maybe they'll get off that verbiage milk
And have you tryin some of my steak


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Post 14 of 27- Stone Marshmallow

I'm running on very few hours of sleep and I have very little time to secure a portion more tonight so this post will be brief! This piece is less lyrical and form-rigid than most of mine, it had a lot of depth though which I think you can relate to. So I am going to head in the general direction of dreamland and you, please, enjoy :)

Stone Marshmallow

It's been poked

It hurts

Been bruised

It hurts

Some give cry
Wall it
Stone it
Refuse entry

It hurts

Some ply
Entry loose

It hurts

Amidst ways
Pell mell

It hurts

One fact

It hurts


Friday, July 20, 2012

Post 13 of 27- Inspections Wry

It's almost 2am! I really am going to get to sleep at a decent time someday. But for tonight, here is my rumblings :) Enjoy!

Inspections Wry

I need your help
I'm about to cry
These hurts of mine
Will make me die
No outward sign
Not even a sigh
I give to them
With unpitying eye
But Lord you know
From up on high
That all my game
Is just a lie
A sad facade
To mask my fie
So please come now
My end is nigh
All dreams repressed
Hope's fount run dry
Not one day more
To question why


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Post 12 of 27- Cruisin Rhymes

Check it out :) A little bit more lyrical than most of my stuff. Enjoy :)

Cruisin Rhymes

Heyyyy I think it's a chill night
Kickin back worries kilt night
Gettin messy look a fright
We don't really care
Yeah it's alright

Take a ride
See the sights
Summer glow
City lights


Don't really know where we goin tonight maybe gonna get crazy gonna get in a fight or we'll kick it takin fly to a brand new height either way we gonna shine like the sun so bright ridin on the breeze like Charlie's kite gonna run this town like Jay-Z might now cut to the beat no cheap sound bite no off color rhymes this spits all white

Now put the beat in neutral
Let the tension ease
Your auditory lobes
I'll continue to please
But not like Mike
Nah I promise no sleaze
I'll treat you ladies right
My lyrics down on their knees
Countless years of pleasure
Not just forty, Rick Dees
My aristocrat beats
Never stop like bees
If you think they're gone
I'm evergreen tree
Stinging unexpected pleasure
Cuz I never leaves

Parking spot
No handicap
This cat is real
No trendy sap
My limit's here
Verbiage cap
Rhythm's done
Through with that

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Post 11 of 27- No Pane, No Gain

Check it out!!!!! Late night musings :) I'm in an awesome mood because of a wake up call I received from God earlier and it kinda translated a little into this piece. I hope it can inspire you even a little bit!!! And even if it leaves you still clinging to the ordinary, please enjoy as always :)

No Pane, No Gain

Ridin round careless
Not knowin that your calm
Is about to interrupt
Hit so hard it's like a bomb
Sayin you got all of your needs
When really this is just a balm

But not for your lips no
More like for your heart
Keepin your worries smooth
And your life rollin like a cart
When really all these objects
Have your life stuck right at the start

Car crash
Hulk smash
Marvel at this real life

Choice rash
Thyme dash
Spice it up with strife

Sailin smooth is just too fad
The unconcerned are so mundane
Too afraid to take a chance
Fear of new becomes their chain
Tell your fears to come alive
Then teach them what you know of pain

Not the window kind
Don't spend your days starin out
Wishin you had the courage
Of those takin on life's bout
Let loose your bob and weave
Let em hear your battle shout


Monday, July 16, 2012

Post 10 of 27- A False Lie

Anagram time! I really enjoy these creative forms, especially anagrams where the one liner actually adds to the poems central thought. I know I'm very behind on these postings and I do apologize :( I think I'm two posts behind so I will be working on catching up this week! Here is today's post! Please enjoy :) and don't forget to tell me what you thought!!!

A False Lie

Three little words
Haply traded back and forth
Ever bandied like careless jest
Long used as without worth
Anon they grew so familiar
So mundane as to not matter
The root feeling past expounded
In pieces lay all scattered
Lacking returned favor
Out of life the emotion seemed
Vast portions of its home
Ever guarded were then deemed
Yelling, screaming, crying
Out loud a promise then made
Until authentic return sighted
Three words use was strict forbade


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Part 9 of 27- Truth's Drop

A quick post on my way to work! On my couch feelin like I'm gonna pass out at work tonight but I crammed a few words into a cryptic pattern. Decipher it if you can :) and even if it takes you in a direction unintended, please, as always, enjoy!

Truth's Drop

Bass drops
Heart catches
Tempo rise
Pulse matches

Lyrics fade
Mind goes blank
Faking truth
Heard so frank

Dream aside
Distraction fade
Emotions tide
Mindset wade

Lift you up
Dropping low
Rhythm's love
Stop and go

Issues fade
Hardship lost
Beat surrounds
Life accosts

Delusion grand
Moment still
Irration's cup
Dangerous full

Sane is lost
Rhyme has won
Victory sunk
All for fun


Friday, July 13, 2012

Post 7 of 27- Push, No Pull

Picked a random topic at Starbucks. I'm gonna just type it out as it comes with no editing. Guess we'll see if this works! Enjoy :)

The door says push
Still, you pull
Your intelligence bank
Obviously full

Trying to force
It to come to you
When force outward
Would allow you through

The trial you face
Is not so hard
Follow the signs
Keep up your guard

Advance nonstop
Think quit never
The hold on faith
You cannot sever

Without compliance
Comes great woe
Obey written word
Or your life will go

See through the glass
The door looks clear
Your way translucent
Goals so near

You can't attain
While holding fear
Let go your fright
Your eyesight sear

Don't look through
It may seem clear
Your way to go
Written so near

The door says push
Yet still you pull
Your forward movement
Is obviously null


Part 8 of 27- Skirmish: Lyrical

Late night crafting during the time I should be sleeping! Just some simple lines that I enjoyed putting together :) Hope you enjoy them as well!!!

Skirmish: Lyrical

Listen for a minute
tell me if you hear
Let me put it down
Holler if it's clear

Drop these beats
Spit some rhymes
Smash em together
Put in some kinda time

Makin bass like skrillex
Lookin twice as fly
Make your heartbeat twitch
Not bat an eye

Make it look hard
I don't even gotta try
Say there's a limit
I'm lookin past your sky

Move that foot
You feel it too
Bust some moves
Feel this groove

Let the artist speak
Not words he'll use
The sound you grasp
His tool to choose

Your ear is caught
Resistance through
Your flow responds
The beat has you


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Part 6 of 27- Put The S In Average

I hate when I'm not a fan of my own work. Sometimes it's just like the words aren cooperating. Oh well, this is what I've got for today! Let me know what thoughts it brings up inside your cranium! And don't forget to show it to someone else!

Put The S In Average

Wait a minute
Take a sec
Let me get this straight

You really thought
For a bit
That defeat was my fate??

You can't know
Or even guess
At what really drives this gait

A human built
With other hands
A purpose for which I wait

The steel here
Strength so huge
There's very few which can relate

Weak me beat me
Forget kryptonite
This man's still standing real straight

Grab a fork
Even a small part
You couldn't handle from what's on my plate

Keep stressin
Worry how I stand
I'll always know I'm more than you rate

Hope you enjoyed my artistry! Thank you for appreciating my verbiage arraignment! Don't forget to take a minute to breathe and laugh with a child today!


Part 4 of 27- Flame On

Here's the missing post! I was preoccupied last night and then fell asleep before I planned so there's my excuse :) This one is for Sunday the 8th, hopefully I don't have to play catch up again on this! I'll be posting today's poem in a little bit. Enjoy!!!

Flame On

People cry and people wail
Because the fires burning long
The emotional reaction of them
Maybe it will end up in a song
Their feelings toward destruction
To be honest are all wrong
For the falling's not the end
It's just a test of what is strong
The vain material will flash
Just like a might king kong
Going higher till its seen by all
Then it's over like a game of pong
The realist then is all that's left
It's true mettle sounding like a gong


Monday, July 9, 2012

Part 5 of 27- Here, Lies...

So I'm running on one hour of sleep and very little energy of any sort. I'm exhausted. I'm not being pessimistic, I know all things WILL work together for good, I'm just saying that I've definitely hit a valley right now. I missed my posting yesterday, already messing up this challenge. I will post this lyric and then another later tonight to make up for the missed one. So without further ado, here is the poem for today:

Here, Lies...

I'm tired
Can I sit down
I'm tired
No don't frown
I can't take your disapproval
All of my courage hope and peace
You are prepping for removal

I'm tired
Please let me lay
I'm tired
Maybe it's today
When life finally will me persuade
Those waves of self pity
Are to heady for me to wade

I'm tired
Don't wake me now
I'm tired
Let this my final bow
Be unto a world which has me crumbled
I don't have strength to even stand
Much less step without a stumble

I'm tired
Please, let me die
I'm tired
My tears are not shy
They simply are no longer equipped
My will to move has abandoned
This man is finally whipped

Uplifting right?!? Okay so it's not exactly cheerful but I thought that in the interest of art it was not necessary for it to end on an upswing of attitude. This one I am going to count as today's poem and the one tonight will be yesterday's poem. Tell me why you did or did not like it! Just comment below! Thank you so much for your continued attention and feedback, you all really do play a part in encouraging my efforts. Until tonight, God bless and don't forget to laugh with a child today!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Part 3 of 27 - He Sitting Toward Me

Technically this post is 34 minutes late but I'm going to count it as on time since I actually wrote the poem around 1 today. I was at Amigos eating lunch with some of the church crew and a man sat down at a corner booth acting slightly odd. His behavior inspired me to write this poem between bites of an amazing taquito

He sits
A furtive glance
Thrown roomward

He sits
A social trance
Mood gloomward

He sits
A life askance
Headed doomward

He sits
A searching lance
Seeking whomward

He sits
A sudden prance
Journey tombward

Hope you liked it! If so, tell me about it! Or tell me how you found it distasteful, either way, leave a note in the box below! Well I'm hitting the sack for a few hours so that's all till tomorrow!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Part 2 of 27- Alway Alway Land

I'm already feeling pressed for inspiration and it's only day two!!! So much intricacy in this world though, I really have no excuse for any lack of brilliance in my verbalizations. Here's day two! Enjoy!!! And don't forget to leave your comment! Like it, love it, hate it, indifferent, let me know!!!

Alway Alway Land

A poem to share
I need to write
I need words to wrangle
But I feel in flight
My mind somewhere
Where everything's right
Where all the pressures
Don't squeeze tight
A stranglehold on dreams
Staying just out of sight
A place that feels so empty
Of harsh reality and fright
It's like soaring high on hopes
Ever lit by the suns light
A realm of unending day
Without those pains so trite
This portion of perfect sanity
Untouched by a single blight
Where all my wishes are reality
Without a single oppressor to fight
Come take my hand I'll show you
We'll fly just like a sprite
You'll see just how graceful it is
With all your aspirations so bright
Let's enjoy for just a moment
An escape from life's frantic night


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Part 1 of 27 "Untitled Arrogance"

I'm feeling ambitious! Don't you live how I start my posts like we're already in the middle of a shared thought? Back to my ambition, today is July 5th! Okay, not exactly shocking, but I've been feeling like I need to hone my skills and practice achieving different affects through their composition. As a result of this epiphany of sorts, I am going to undertake a challenge of my own making; I am going to post a poem, long or short or structured or free verse, every day for the rest of the month. I'm always complaining of lack of time but I seem to find enough time to loaf around! Thus, I am dedicating a portion of each day to writing anything I can think of and posting it on here. I'd love to have all of you along for this short literary journey! Please continue to check back for my daily posts and feel free to comment on anything you read! I love feedback! My free time for today has been exhausted but I'll leave you with the first installment in this series. Enjoy!!!!

Untitled Arrogance

Arrogant uncaring
The world surrounds
Against my better knowledge
It pounds and pounds
I'm stuck pickin up pieces
Hopin to catch their rebounds
From all the dreams they wreck
Animosity abounds
Patiently pick up the scraps
And try to rebuild these grounds
The public consideration
Ever telling me my bounds
The comment-haters of this life
Making their constant rounds
The consensus seems to hold
That my life is like a scounds
Always sweating to take off
But never able to leave ground
Good thing only His thoughts matter
All y'all are so much sounds

Write at you tomorrow!!! God bless!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sympathy For Lost Empathy

Okay so this is an attempt at free form artistry. It still has some form but it doesn't rhyme at all, if you know me then you know how difficult it is for me not to rhyme in manipulated speech. These are real speculations which flitted through my head in that brief second of passing. Please enjoy :)

Sympathy For Lost Empathy

Sipping my coffee
A smoothie actually
With the roasted bean
To enhance it's flavor

Then a woman walks by
Her gaze floor-ward
Her eyes averted
From any gaze returned

Her walk is as one
Who has seen much
That life has to offer
In it's bitterness

The air she puts
Forth from her
Like an aura
A cocoon of uncertainty

Just another soul
Half cracked
By the trials
Given to most

A curiosity
Springing upward
Surfacing in mine
Wonder at her station

Does she yet bear
Those afflictions
Which bear her
So obviously low

Does she wear
The timescars
Or open sores
Not yet passed

In a moment
She passed
All of this
Consideration over

And again
I turn oblivious
Of her pain
To my coffee

Hope you could appreciate it! If you have comments or thoughts on the subject matter or style please feel free to comment! Until my next spot I inspiration, live curious and take time to read to a child.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Forced (In)>spiration

A friend of mine found out I wrote the other day so she demanded a poem of me....I hemmed for a second and then dashed out an eleven line collection of tripe for her. She acted like it was amazing and then proceeded to force me to write three more. I'm slightly more proud of the latter three than of the first one but I'll only be sharing a couple of them. So, this is what happens when a writer is out on the spot over text message and given less than five minutes to conjugate something less than brilliant.

There's a spot up on my wall
I'm not sure how it got there
Was it from when I threw my food
Among those years when none did care
Or maybe it wasn't that
Maybe it was a toy
Chucked in a fit of happiness
Among those times of loving joy
I'm not sure how it got there
But I guess that really is good
This way I can choose the memory
Wether it be happy like a child or darker than my old hood


Hoped you enjoyed it! If you want a poem written on a specific subject just let me know and I'll see what this lyrical artisan can come up with :)
Until next time, adios and c'est la guerre :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just A Note To Say "Gracias....."

     I'm pretty sure I'm officially a failure as a blogger. It's been over a month since I last posted. However, now that summer is here I hope to be more active in my writings and I will be sharing some of them on here as I deem them fit for public consumption :P I noticed that since my last post I'm almost up to 800 views!!! Thank you everyone for participating in what began as a simple project to see if anyone would pay attention to my attempts at literary creativity :) I wrote several different pieces today but there is one I would especially like to share. This was inspired by one of my friends who is also an addict of the verbal variety. She is also an admirable woman of God and, through this following of the only worthy pursuit, has helped keep me focused on using my talents for the glory of God.
     And without any further stalling, I present my piece:

Gracias por su dedicacion

I've been following all your works
And they've been putting I to shame
I realize in my lack of progress
I've only I to blame
Continually wishing all these talents
Would bring I gold and fame
But even through I's feats
The results all seemed the same
Instead of bolstering I's success
It seems I's fortune it did wane

I think you've helped I see the problem
Through your talents I'm more sane
I see now what I've done
By complaining of the rain
I've dethroned the Only One
Who o'er my talents should have reign
He is the Only One
Who my works now should proclaim
I don't even know how they're really mine
When the ability's signed His name

This sense of wonder at my estate
My utter gall to try reclaim
The reins held with hands of might
So powerful, unable to strain

I could go on forever
About His blessings I enslave
But the purpose of this rant 
Is my humility to reclaim
By beseeching you continue 
To inspire me with the grain
The one He gave to you
To bring honor to His stain


Friday, May 4, 2012


It's been another month since I last posted :-/ I'm doing so horrible at keeping up with this blog. I've been keeping busy with my workouts and tons of homework, thankfully the homework ends in a week! I am so ready for the semester to be over. I actually only have a few minutes to post today so I'll leave you with an acrostic I did a couple weeks ago for creative writing class. Enjoy :)

Blessed beyond measure when my soul you captured
On that morning my life was measured complete
Nothing could recapture that feeling of rapture
Interiors of my heart with your love replete
That was a dream from which I've had to awake
A feeling of pure love I've since woefully faked.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Writer's Block = Defeated.

     Okay so we had to write a sestina for creative writing class. I procrastinated till 40 minutes before class like always then cranked out this slightly awkward piece. If you don't know what a sestina is just check out the form outline here I actually really enjoyed putting it together and I didn't really mind out how it turned out. Let me know what you think though :) I'm really glad this semester is getting close to ending but I have to admit I'm going to miss this class, it's really inspired my creativity and forced me to start writing again. I guess I'll just have to get back on some of my old projects now that I'm feeling wordy again! Oh and I passed 700 views!!!! Thank you so much everybody who stops by to read my feeble attempts at authorship! It's very encouraging and makes me feel like there really is an audience out there for my kind of wordplay. Keep stopping by and tell a friend about me! Well do that later, for now just check out the sestina below :)

                                                             A Truly Wounded Heart

Too many poems are written about love
Pick up a book of poems and in the title always is Desire

Droning on and on about a wish for requital

My brain at this prattling is withering

A constant barrage of sappy heartbreak

And a never-ending stream of longing

Why do we think others wish to hear our longing?

Those ears may be sick of the strains of your love

And then on top you end it with heartbreak?

No person thinks of hearing your complains with desire

In fact I’m positive their hunger for artistic endeavor you’re withering

Their attention is soon lost without hope for requital

 Not to change the subject but how is this ranting causing your requital?

Perhaps you’re throwing at deaf ears these cries of very public longing

And not just our hearts are caused to start withering

But the object of your very vocal love

Perhaps these sounds of your innermost desire

Simply enhance your chances of future heartbreak

 And comparing the sound of a baby crying its heartbreak

Is definitely not improving your odds of requital

And to speak of hungry birds as metaphor for desire?

That will definitely leave your truest in a state of feverish longing

Wondering how she ever did without your brilliant love

Please stop me if my sarcasm becomes a bit too withering

But a flower upon a summer day that starts for lack of water withering

Is not the way to properly express your heartbreak.

But then what do you children even know about true love?

You think a sappy text is some movie-like requital

Your immature little hearts think that lust is really longing

When sexual heat and passion is what really fuels your desire

Ask your old granny what traits belong to true desire

The kind that unfulfilled causes a heart to commence withering

Question your old grampa of what should drive all of your longing

You’ll find that answer will surprise with gentle words he’ll say heartbreak

And not the utmost was the desire for requital

But seeing your half in joy that was fulfillment of real love

So do not bring me your poems of love, to read them I do not desire

If hopes for literary requital you do not wish to see withering

Keep your poems that cause me heartbreak, for the inartistic gaffs of your spoken longing.
Thanks for your support! :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Now Play It Back!!!(Wards)

This is the first draft from an a creative writing assignment where we experimented with time reversal. I really liked the way it turned out, I had no idea what I was doing but it wasn't too bad. Check it out!

Undoing The Deed

     To bring him back to life. To undo the irreversible. Life must first be placed back within his heart. The rope must be cut from around his neck, and then removed with care. Breath will need returned to his lungs. The blood must be coaxed into circulating again. That essence of humanity, the soul and spirit, placed back within his mind and emotions. His body's physical health and vitality will be returned. That is when the hard part begins. Returning breath and vigor, any god will claim that ability. The real challenge will be after the body has resumed its intended function. It must be given a will to live. That desire which every once in a while flees its owner, leaving him with the desire only to pass out of this existence. Replace that, and you will have finally reversed the ascent. After that, the only step the man needs is to get down off the chair.

Did you catch it?? I wasn't sure if it was too subtle. Let me know what you thought! I'm swamped with homework right now so it will probably be awhile longer before I'm on again. Until then, keep it real and don't forget to listen to the beat around you.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Where's Dora When I Need Her?? Re-post

Okay so this isn't a new post. It's a repost. Somehow this got taken off the published site and was put back in my drafts. I didn't even know that was possible. Slightly annoyed with my mobile blogger now. But anyway, here it is....again.

Hola. Como esta? Yeah, that's about the extent of what I've learned in Spanish class in my two semesters so far. Okay maybe that's a slight exagerration. But really, it's a lot harder than I thought! On to the next class though, in creative writing our professor sits us down and says: "Protest" .......and we all ask: "whaa?". Apparently that was our entire writing prompt for that class, we had ten minutes-ish to write whatever super creative thing came to mind from the word "protest". It was intimidating. I perservered somehow though and ended up with this slightly off beat poem. Please enjoy! Or don't, you know, it's whatever.

Why Protest?

So carnally blessed
So much time for rest
Life's pain regressed
Why protest?

Think yours is not best?
Envy their crest?
Is not yours success?
Why protest?

With others wealth impressed?
Or power at their behest?
Please tell me, confess
Why protest?

Boom. Amazing right??! Okay maybe it's not exactly Pulitzer material but hey I'm still learning. If you loved it, or hated it, or thought it would look good on a tastefully decorated piece of toilet tissue, leave a comment and let me know :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big Things Comin!

Okay I'm posting from my phone for the first time so overlook any typos or format mistakes please. This is just something I typed out on my notepad during a free minute. Yes it's lyrical but I don't have a tune to go with it. Anyone interested in writing a piece for it? Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Big things comin! Just around the bend
Though we can't really know the how or the when
Lookin through glasses shaded with faith
They let us look to the son and feel his warm embrace
Just takin steps now not knowin where they'll lead
I know I'll end up in his will becuase my sins I did plead
Left all my guilt and my shame on that cross
All my do goods and acheivements just so much dross
But I didn't stay there after laying my life down
See the one who leads me is on high keepin my crowns
If I'm truly gonna follow I can't just stand and stare
That tomb is now empty there ain't nobody there
Gotta pick my feet up and take it one step at a time
And the places he will lead me they're gonna be just so sublime

Big things comin just around the bend
Big things comin don't know how or when
Don't take it from me just step with the one
Put those on those shades of faith and look to the son
Big things comin just around the bend
Keep walking in his grace and the joys never end

Take it from me these big times are comin round
Don't matter where you're walkin could be your hometown
Could be a Florida beach or an Israeli coast
Doesn't really matter long as you goin with the ghost
Live it where you are make an example of your faith
Garrauntee it works for good no matter what is at stake
Youre made for big things so don't shut your dreams up
He's said he's gonna overflow not half fill your cup
So don't just sit around and be okay with what youve got
Gods promised us the world if we'll just let him make us hot
Thoughts from above or things of below
If you'll just follow him then soon you will know
That there's

Big things comin just around the bend
Big things comin don't know how or when
But don't take from me just step with the one
Put on those shades of faith and look to the son


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Writing Creatively

Yes it has been quite a while now since I last blogged. I have been ridiculously busy with school and work as of late. Hopefully it will settle down into some kind of rythm in the near future. Various things have been inspiring my writing lately, although I have not written any of them down in public view. This is a poem that I wrote for creative writing class a couple days ago and I liked how it worked out. It was on switching point of views mid-poem. I received an A from the teacher on it but feel free to grade or comment yourself!

There he goes

Racing down the street in his car

That engines gonna blow

Just like his life, it won’t go very far

Always driving fast

His lifestyle probably matches

That wasteful lifestyle won’t last

Him and his car will end up crashes

His whole life I’ll bet

Is set at the same pace

Stupid boy doesn’t realize

It’s not speed but how you run the race

Trying to escape

From all that has gone wrong

With my foot pressing the pedal

Suddenly I feel strong

As my speed increases

All my cares just slip away

I live my life so serious

This is my one chance to play

So many struggles in my world

I’m always living right

This is my one small way

Against conformity I fight

Gone for another week

We’ll see him by the weekend

Unless that horrible acceleration

Has his motor far too weakened

His plight just won’t end well

I’m sure we’ll see him soon

Pushing that poor vehicle

Ever closer to its doom

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just A Note To Say....

Well college life is in full swing. I'm already exhausted, running on -5 hours pf sleep per night. As such, my mind isn't turning out rhymes like it usually does. As a result, here's another flashback from my shoe box of old writings. This is the poem that started my writing back up after I was uhmmm "greatly encouraged" by my mother to stop writing raps at age 13, I think I was 15 at the time of it's authorship. I'll be back to writing "postable" lyrical rants within the next week or so, but until then, hope you enjoy this!

Note To A Girl

I want to draw something artistic
But it ends up a 3 year old's crayon picture
I want to compose a beautiful song
But it ends up a 4th grade band project
I want to buy you something thoughtful and romantic
But instead I'm wandering the aisles with no clue
I want to write you a poem about your grace and poise
But it comes out sounding like just a lot of noise
I want to do a million things to make you happy and show my love for you
But in the end when all I've tried keeps falling through
All I've got is my words to say "I care about you"


Monday, January 23, 2012

Looks Are Deceiving

I'm feeling frustrated at my school and instructors right now and it's stifling anything but completely annoyed creativity. See, I couldn't even think of a good synonym for annoyed. But, I want to keep up my posting since I've been on a kind of roll lately so here's something I wrote a while ago. Sometimes a person can be inspiration for something good even when they're place in your life turns out to be anything but what you envisioned. 
For your viewing pleasure (or critiquing)

First Look

 I saw you earlier today
Caught you lookin my way
I didn't think it was possible
But you're more beautiful than they say
It was hard for me to say hello
With my heart beating so
And now the moments over
And I can't believe I let you go
Now I'm watching the night sky
Watching stars go flying by
And wondering if you're looking
At the same stars as am I
As I watch their streaks unfurl
I realize I'd give the world
To have that moment back
And to know you are my girl


Friday, January 20, 2012


You Only Live Once / this is what they're telling me
Take a shot, take a hit / This is my chance to be free
Free from the restricions / Free from all the rules
Free from all the rambling thoughts / Of those stupid old fools
I'm young my life is good / I'm living slick, not in the hood
With all these opportunities / Why do what they all say I should
Screw the regulations / Forget thinking ahead
The time I can plan carefully / Is after I am dead
Look at all these kids / They're having all the fun
If I wait to take my chance / Then my chances will be done
Taking my friends with me / Gonna get my party on tonight
Forget about feeling guilty / No rules makes it all right
I just hope there's someone else / To watch out for my brother
I wonder will another / Be there when it's going bad for my mother
Eh don't worry about it / I'm sure they'll be okay
I'll just drink until I can't remember / The date or time of day
I don't have to stick around / But man I hope my sister makes it
I am the only one who knows / Just exactly how she fakes it
But hey that's not my job / That's what parents are for right?
I mean how can they all expect me / To keep their life going day and night
It's not my responsibility / Just let me have my time
It's not like going out / At 21 is still a crime
And all those guys looking up to me / They'll all think I'm so cool
I mean sure I'm not exactly telling them / Don't smoke or drink and stay in school
But nobody is perfect / Just take a look at all my friends
If they keep going like they are / It's obvious how that ends
I don't really want that though / I really want to see them make it
Although it kinda seems like / They're more likely to take life and just break it
You know what just forget them / I deserve this I have earned it
I'm gonna take this rulebook / And live just like I burned it

You only live once. This is a recurring theme I have been hearing from everyone lately. College students, "mature" adults, even young teens who have barely even started their life journey. Basically what they are doing is using the phrase YOLO as an excuse. An excuse to do what makes them feel good or seems like a good idea at the time. Screw the consequences is the attitude they are projecting. Forget what all of our peers say about planning carefully and weighing decisions for what really is the best. Yeah, that worked really well for the hippies in the 60's and 70's huh. All of their "free living" gave us rampant sexual diseases that we cannot get rid of and so many problems as a nation that we can't even begin to fix them if we had another hundred years. How about considering that you only live once so make your life count for something more than "oh he was the coolest guy ever! I heard he could drink anyone under the table and he totally rocks at beer pong!". Why not dedicate yourself to changing this world in a positive way? Why not consider that there are thousands of people passing you every day that you could impact in some way other than "that's the guy who passed out at that party in his underwear"? With so many broken lives, broken homes,
and hurting people in YOUR life, you really want to help replicate the cycle by living so selfishly? Why not be better? How about showing that hot girl that gentlemen really do still exist and she doesn't have to settle for the overly hormonal cads that have become the norm in our society? Or why not give your nieces, nephews, cousins, sons, and daughters a reason to believe that they can have a life other than 9 to 5 and blacking out on the weekends? Find a dream. An ambition. Something to dedicate each morning to. A person. An inspiration. Some reason why you don't have to get so plastered you can't remember your own name, but instead make each choice with the knowledge you are helping someone, somehow, to live their own life in a better way. I could speak on this subject until I have written a book but, in the end, it's really up to you. Make a choice. Learn how to truly live. Not accelerate your pace towards death. Love living life to it's true full potential, and in doing so, you will help others to achieve the same.

Just my thoughts.

     - Armas

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I've got an idea. I'm going to fly.
Don't tell me I can't. I just want to try.
Say what? Jump off and I die?
But if I stay here, I'd be living a lie.
I just want to soar, to skim clouds from the sky.
Why do you look at me then sigh?
You don't mind when I just sit and cry.
I've decided, it's time, this life is a sty.
A piece of the horizon, like a slice of good pie.
I'm going to taste it, or else I will fry.
I don't care that I can't, to sit is to die.
I've got an idea. Watch. I'm going to fly.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Between A (Rock) And A [Hard Place]

1. Me of the Past
2.The occurrences of Armas's life which had an impact, positive or negative, upon the future

[Hard Place]
har-d pla-ce
1. Myself of the Future
2. The possibilities presented when facing the time periods which are to come.

I'm stuck between me and myself
Caught in this moment without any help
The past is behind me pulling me back
The future awaits me like some kind of trap
I'm steered by the things which already occurred
Yet by those things promised I'm also allured
Looking back for inspiration that leads me all wrong
But searchingly forward not a thing holds me strong
Whats gone on those are my pains
What may become these are my chains
A moment of indecision without a voice to yell help
I'm stuck, indefinitely, between me and myself