Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That awkward moment....

One class down, two to go. A one hour space in between. This is a dilemma that perplexes many students. What to do in that oh so short amount of time? Drive all the way back to the living quarters, only to grab a bite and head back? Study for some test promised in the not so near future? Scrounge a basketball and shoot around for awhile? Or my personal favorite: stand around in random spots looking awkward and confused.
A college student without a destination is a pitiful thing. No class objective, no short term goal, simply an overtaxed brain in repose. An unnatural state for most, while an almost permanent one for others. We stand; glazed over eyes, limp arms, slack face, not quite able to grasp this radical concept of "free time". It would repel most, but for the majority of students, it is a position with which we can empathize. We simply give those poor souls a wide berth as we trudge to our next cube of confinement.
I beleive I may have a solution, if those in authority could accept it. I propose turning one of the cubes of confinement into a den of relaxation. Remember how healthy and happy we were in kindergarden with our many breaks and nap times? Why not return to those joyous times? Bring some of those blessed floor mats into this institution of learning, maybe some cheap pillows, play some Mozart For Babies. I gaurantee there would be better grades, more optomistic attitudes, and a wealth of smiles. But alas, there is none willing to listen to my grand schemes so I will suffer on. If on your journey to your next box of learning you happen to see me standing in your way with some drool coming off my lip, please take pity on this poor college student and point me towards my next class.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My first advance into the technologically advanced ways of the modern nerd.

So....starting a blog is rather intimidating. The trepidation over the scarcity of subject matter.....the anxiety upon the possible lack of popularity among readers.....but I think the greatest fear for some is not the potential for readers to find the blog distasteful, but is instead the fear of not even being known; to be completely anonymous with no viewers, no fellow psyche with which to fraternize, no souls with which to share the inner workings of the mind. So with that cheerful thought in mind, welcome to my blog!!!!
I must admit the setup was a bit daunting and I'm still not sure what some of the options do but I know how to post so I'm up and rolling! So welcome! Welcome welcome welcome welcome to bloooog! Yes that was a reference to a chick flick, and yes, that will happen not infrequently within my musings.
One more side note about me, I DO NOT LIKE GRAMMAR! I also enjoy talking in caps. So, with those two points in mind, my outer manifestations of inner intelligence will quite commonly be ungrammatical, feel free to hate. 
I will leave this beginning of my foray into the world of modern American literature with this thought...GEEK IT REAL!!!!!!!