Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm Sick.....And I Like It :]

Audiophilia: audiophile, from Latin audio "I hear" and Greek philos "loving. 
There are millions of us out here suffering from this disease. You can see us on the street, a big pair of headphones ensnaring our ever-craving earlobes. Perpetually connected by some electrical device, big or small, providing us with a constant stream of audio sedation to dull the sharp edge of our monstrous cravings. It focuses our thoughts, soothes our sharp edges, creates ever new ideas and inception of thoughts, and just helps us flow better.

Here are a few signs to help spot an audiophile: An expensive set of headphones always nearby if not on the cranial lobe or around the neck area,an ADD attitude towards almost everything except for when listening to a song at which time the focus becomes laser-y accurate, pictures of headphones on t-shirts, walls, hats, computer screens, or any other customizable surface, a discrete flow that seems to lurk just beneath the exterior always seeming as if it may suddenly come out in the form of song or dance.

If spotted: Do not suddenly disturb the flow of music to the lobes of the ear-type as this can cause sever damage to the audiophile's flow, gently tap or shake the audiophile until their attention is diverted to your being, at which point hopefully your presence will be deemed important enough to take a break from the world of beats to converse with your personage. 
I reiterate: DO NOT! Under any circumstances interrupt an audiophile by suddenly: 1.unplugging the source of sedation 2. violently jarring the audiophile 3. trying to tell him that Lady Gaga is an actual musician not a Vegas backshow entertainer

Thank you for reading my findings on audiophiles. Please, remember to be kind to us, maybe toss us a cd or two once in a while, and maybe, just maybe, someday you too will be fortunate enough to be one of us.

And now, something for any readers with Audiophiliac tendencies: Nuttin But Strings playing their record Thunder. Traditional instruments used in "untraditional" ways, a movement growing in popularity which I fully support.
There is an actual video which they created for this piece which has more dialog in it but I refrained from using it because several people in it forgot it was about music not Michelangelo style art. Anyway, enjoy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why Can't Life Be Like A Starbucks?

So I'm sitting in Starbucks right now, assuaging my caffeine addiction headache with a cafe vanilla frap and enjoying the bustle around me. It's 4pm and many people are already getting off work, stopping for an afternoon cup of joe before heading home to the family scene. Others have been in here for even longer than I and are drinking in the atmosphere while enjoying pleasant conversation with a friend. The mood music playing at a relaxed level, the sounds of the different coffee making machines, the friendly yet almost business-like atmosphere, it all blends into a pleasant harmony that soothes and relaxes.
It's almost as if the rest of the world can't touch you, your troubles seem small and petty in the face of your new-found coffee energy, the people around you nodding courteously at your glance, giving you hope that all the people aren't as nasty as the ones you encounter at Wal-Mart, suddenly the world is not as scary as it was when you walked in.
If only the rest of life was like this. People all around you sharing a common interest even among differences of political, philosophical, and religious opinion. That is, however, just a wish, so for now I'll sit and enjoy this place where people are brought together from all walks of life by one common love: coffee.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Okay, so I was Nerfing just now....

Okay to start off, "Nerfing" is the art of nerdy web surfing :) Yes I made it up ;P
But anyways, there's this amazing website go check it out if you have some free time to kill, you won't regret it I promise! I was checking out random videos on there and happened across this little girl, I don't really like the song as I dislike the lyrics but this girl has amazing talent so yeah, check it out!
Happy friday the 13th!!!! I will continue my irreverent tirades and amusing link postings upon my return!

Monday, May 9, 2011

When In Despair, A Verse Or Two It Helps To Spew

Folly Of Resignation

I give up, the talent’s just not there
My vocabulary is bereft
And I’ve no adages to spare

I give up, there is no use
When I keep trying to rhyme
Two words like hope and goose

I give up, no really this time I mean it
Don’t tell me that my verse is fine
When you’ve never even seen it

I give up, I’ve no knack for prose
Why last week I attempted a rhyme
I claimed “fraulein” went with “rose”

I give up, I feel I’m just a failure
Seems that poem will never be written
My addition to American ‘litature


Anybody see my Supernerd jacket?

Where did my verbage go?!? I've had two of my biggest writing  tests this week, including my final, and all of my impressive vocabulary has disappeared! I do not appreciate whatever irony can be found in this situation.

Well in other news; I do believe a failed an Ultimate Geek test. I opted out of signing up for summer courses because I'd rather have an uncluttered schedule and some glorious free time. Does that make me less of a nerd? I feel a little like I'm endangering my identity. Well I suppose renewing my piano lessons and stepping up my writing will redeem my supernerd status......right? Hmm...

So I am seriously considering writing my first real peice of literature, I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to go about it but I think it's going to be some kind of allegorical fiction. It will probably be very short. I want to experiment with using imaginanary characters to tell real life stories and morals. My rudimentary attempts should be very interesting if not downright comical ;-)

I suppose I should return to studying, I've got another final in 40 minutes and I don't want to risk dropping my 4.0 and commiting Nerd-Status suicide. If you have any ideas or opinions on topic or technique for my writing project or know some helpful resources then use your keyboard and get at me!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The World Needs More Dexters.....

So, only seven days left in my academic pursuit for this semester. Muy excited. It's crazy to look around at all the people here in school, listen to their conversation, and realize just how unguided most of the youth in todays world is.
I am one of those who does not know exactly where I am headed with this college path, or where it will take me into a lifetime career. But the majority of the people around me have no goals whatsoever beyond living out another summer by drinking and partying then possibly coming back to slog through another two semesters of school.
It's a little depressing to think of all the brilliant young minds being wasted, I see people with talent all around me; kids in the band who could be musicians, some handing in essays that are almost ready to be published nationally, others handle math so easily it's like their native language and english is their second. And most of these kids have no clue what to do with their talents and no drive or inspiration to find a way to utilize them.
It keeps bringing me back to the realization that God is the only answer in this world and to serve Him with our talents and abilities is the only calling that really satisfies that unrest inside us.
"sigh"  we are a generation of wasted ability, is there going to be any revival of great thoughts, arts, and reasoning? There doesn't appear to be even a glimmer of it.
And that, my friends, is my cheerful thought for the day ;-)
On a happy side note, there was a graduates breakfast this morning and even though I'm not graduating this year they let me eat some food :-D