Friday, March 2, 2012

Where's Dora When I Need Her?? Re-post

Okay so this isn't a new post. It's a repost. Somehow this got taken off the published site and was put back in my drafts. I didn't even know that was possible. Slightly annoyed with my mobile blogger now. But anyway, here it is....again.

Hola. Como esta? Yeah, that's about the extent of what I've learned in Spanish class in my two semesters so far. Okay maybe that's a slight exagerration. But really, it's a lot harder than I thought! On to the next class though, in creative writing our professor sits us down and says: "Protest" .......and we all ask: "whaa?". Apparently that was our entire writing prompt for that class, we had ten minutes-ish to write whatever super creative thing came to mind from the word "protest". It was intimidating. I perservered somehow though and ended up with this slightly off beat poem. Please enjoy! Or don't, you know, it's whatever.

Why Protest?

So carnally blessed
So much time for rest
Life's pain regressed
Why protest?

Think yours is not best?
Envy their crest?
Is not yours success?
Why protest?

With others wealth impressed?
Or power at their behest?
Please tell me, confess
Why protest?

Boom. Amazing right??! Okay maybe it's not exactly Pulitzer material but hey I'm still learning. If you loved it, or hated it, or thought it would look good on a tastefully decorated piece of toilet tissue, leave a comment and let me know :)