Monday, March 26, 2012

Now Play It Back!!!(Wards)

This is the first draft from an a creative writing assignment where we experimented with time reversal. I really liked the way it turned out, I had no idea what I was doing but it wasn't too bad. Check it out!

Undoing The Deed

     To bring him back to life. To undo the irreversible. Life must first be placed back within his heart. The rope must be cut from around his neck, and then removed with care. Breath will need returned to his lungs. The blood must be coaxed into circulating again. That essence of humanity, the soul and spirit, placed back within his mind and emotions. His body's physical health and vitality will be returned. That is when the hard part begins. Returning breath and vigor, any god will claim that ability. The real challenge will be after the body has resumed its intended function. It must be given a will to live. That desire which every once in a while flees its owner, leaving him with the desire only to pass out of this existence. Replace that, and you will have finally reversed the ascent. After that, the only step the man needs is to get down off the chair.

Did you catch it?? I wasn't sure if it was too subtle. Let me know what you thought! I'm swamped with homework right now so it will probably be awhile longer before I'm on again. Until then, keep it real and don't forget to listen to the beat around you.