Friday, April 6, 2012

Writer's Block = Defeated.

     Okay so we had to write a sestina for creative writing class. I procrastinated till 40 minutes before class like always then cranked out this slightly awkward piece. If you don't know what a sestina is just check out the form outline here I actually really enjoyed putting it together and I didn't really mind out how it turned out. Let me know what you think though :) I'm really glad this semester is getting close to ending but I have to admit I'm going to miss this class, it's really inspired my creativity and forced me to start writing again. I guess I'll just have to get back on some of my old projects now that I'm feeling wordy again! Oh and I passed 700 views!!!! Thank you so much everybody who stops by to read my feeble attempts at authorship! It's very encouraging and makes me feel like there really is an audience out there for my kind of wordplay. Keep stopping by and tell a friend about me! Well do that later, for now just check out the sestina below :)

                                                             A Truly Wounded Heart

Too many poems are written about love
Pick up a book of poems and in the title always is Desire

Droning on and on about a wish for requital

My brain at this prattling is withering

A constant barrage of sappy heartbreak

And a never-ending stream of longing

Why do we think others wish to hear our longing?

Those ears may be sick of the strains of your love

And then on top you end it with heartbreak?

No person thinks of hearing your complains with desire

In fact I’m positive their hunger for artistic endeavor you’re withering

Their attention is soon lost without hope for requital

 Not to change the subject but how is this ranting causing your requital?

Perhaps you’re throwing at deaf ears these cries of very public longing

And not just our hearts are caused to start withering

But the object of your very vocal love

Perhaps these sounds of your innermost desire

Simply enhance your chances of future heartbreak

 And comparing the sound of a baby crying its heartbreak

Is definitely not improving your odds of requital

And to speak of hungry birds as metaphor for desire?

That will definitely leave your truest in a state of feverish longing

Wondering how she ever did without your brilliant love

Please stop me if my sarcasm becomes a bit too withering

But a flower upon a summer day that starts for lack of water withering

Is not the way to properly express your heartbreak.

But then what do you children even know about true love?

You think a sappy text is some movie-like requital

Your immature little hearts think that lust is really longing

When sexual heat and passion is what really fuels your desire

Ask your old granny what traits belong to true desire

The kind that unfulfilled causes a heart to commence withering

Question your old grampa of what should drive all of your longing

You’ll find that answer will surprise with gentle words he’ll say heartbreak

And not the utmost was the desire for requital

But seeing your half in joy that was fulfillment of real love

So do not bring me your poems of love, to read them I do not desire

If hopes for literary requital you do not wish to see withering

Keep your poems that cause me heartbreak, for the inartistic gaffs of your spoken longing.
Thanks for your support! :)