Thursday, August 30, 2012

Part 20 of 27- Hope Unclaimed Until Real Change

All of these cool people
Na they're all just really lames
The degradation of this culture
Canny fully be explained
Until the morals of our leaders
And their absences are blamed
I'm not saying its all theirs
This wicked nation we've become
I'm just saying that the few
Have stopped their ears to the some
Gone forever are those days
When this great nation spoke as one
I'm not one to sit and moan
But our plight's got me confused
Some still trying other methods
But salvation comes only when infused
Not with our greatest hopes or dreams
But the blood of a man enthused
Not because of this world's gain
Or any of our earthly treasure
But from his great Infilling
God's presence without measure
So I'll spread Him and bring hope
While you golf and take your leisure