Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post 21 of 27- High On Life

If I ever become a published writer I may have to give Starbucks a share just because of the sheer number of pieces inspired inside it's air conditioned comfort I use in place of a writing studio.

High On Life

Glowing red embers
As the man takes a hit
Blowing smoke clouds
Bright flame lights the tip
Pause to grab his drink
Slowly take a sip

A cough interrupts
Fit of hacking so severe
The very essence inhaled
Creating peace and calm
Both feelings held dear
And yet causing pain
To draw itself ever near

Taking in that which feels
So enlightening and warm
A plethora of addictions
All powerful inside our form
Causing euphoria to breed
And all pain of ours to scorn

So in we continue our drag
Taking shots of all of life
Pretending we do not hasten
End of peace and dawn of strife
For every piece of us becalmed
A future part with struggle rife

Surrounding us red embers
As one we take our hit
The smoke of life our vision clouds
As we extinguish life's bright tip
Hasten to that one last drink
Our life ends with a knowing sip