Monday, August 6, 2012

Post 18 of 27- Construction: Ongoing

Okay I am officially declaring failure. It is now six days into August and I am only on post 18. I apologize :( Thank you so much to everyone who kept up with my posts though! Watching the hit counter shoot up has been awesome, knowing that all of you are enjoying my artwork is such a great feeling, even if you can't express that enjoyment through a comment or follow (hint hint). I am going to finish out the  postings they'll just be very late. School starts soon and with my two jobs and volunteer work, finding time to get online for reasons other than homework is going to be interesting. It feels like summer was barely even here! Ah well, life keeps going. This one is short because my brain wouldn't focus on just one topic today but I may lengthen it later. Enjoy!!! :)

Construction: Ongoing

Concrete walls goin up again
Manipulation's what you'll get from him
Not playin anymore it's serious
Those other barriers seem so thin
Not playin with you now
This is not another careless whim
Can't afford to let in your little words
Like tiny fangs into my shin
So that softness is now buried
It's ever lost now deep within