Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Post 17 of 27- A Date With Fate

I think this might be a big mistake
These talents and skills
All mine to take
And use however
I feel is right for all's sake

But how do I know
Do I rear back and let go
Or should I tame this beast
And culture it's flow
I've got one chance
It seems all too easy to blow

I can pierce your sad rants
Make them sound like dog pants
Stack my rhymes with yours
The quality scants
My lyrics tango
While yours learn to dance

Maybe it's not my place
To show others how to trace
The genius of all those past
Imitating grace
While we remain
Poor substitutes of fancy lace

Perhaps I'll stay humble
Not worry about whether I fumble
For on this artful path
I'll sometime stumble
Maybe I'll keep still
And bear up without grumble

I suppose I'll have to wait
One day I'll know what is my fate
I'll figure out this road
And set upon a gait
I just wish it was now
Not at a later date


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