Friday, July 6, 2012

Part 2 of 27- Alway Alway Land

I'm already feeling pressed for inspiration and it's only day two!!! So much intricacy in this world though, I really have no excuse for any lack of brilliance in my verbalizations. Here's day two! Enjoy!!! And don't forget to leave your comment! Like it, love it, hate it, indifferent, let me know!!!

Alway Alway Land

A poem to share
I need to write
I need words to wrangle
But I feel in flight
My mind somewhere
Where everything's right
Where all the pressures
Don't squeeze tight
A stranglehold on dreams
Staying just out of sight
A place that feels so empty
Of harsh reality and fright
It's like soaring high on hopes
Ever lit by the suns light
A realm of unending day
Without those pains so trite
This portion of perfect sanity
Untouched by a single blight
Where all my wishes are reality
Without a single oppressor to fight
Come take my hand I'll show you
We'll fly just like a sprite
You'll see just how graceful it is
With all your aspirations so bright
Let's enjoy for just a moment
An escape from life's frantic night