Monday, July 9, 2012

Part 5 of 27- Here, Lies...

So I'm running on one hour of sleep and very little energy of any sort. I'm exhausted. I'm not being pessimistic, I know all things WILL work together for good, I'm just saying that I've definitely hit a valley right now. I missed my posting yesterday, already messing up this challenge. I will post this lyric and then another later tonight to make up for the missed one. So without further ado, here is the poem for today:

Here, Lies...

I'm tired
Can I sit down
I'm tired
No don't frown
I can't take your disapproval
All of my courage hope and peace
You are prepping for removal

I'm tired
Please let me lay
I'm tired
Maybe it's today
When life finally will me persuade
Those waves of self pity
Are to heady for me to wade

I'm tired
Don't wake me now
I'm tired
Let this my final bow
Be unto a world which has me crumbled
I don't have strength to even stand
Much less step without a stumble

I'm tired
Please, let me die
I'm tired
My tears are not shy
They simply are no longer equipped
My will to move has abandoned
This man is finally whipped

Uplifting right?!? Okay so it's not exactly cheerful but I thought that in the interest of art it was not necessary for it to end on an upswing of attitude. This one I am going to count as today's poem and the one tonight will be yesterday's poem. Tell me why you did or did not like it! Just comment below! Thank you so much for your continued attention and feedback, you all really do play a part in encouraging my efforts. Until tonight, God bless and don't forget to laugh with a child today!