Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Post 15 of 27- 1,200 Views!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so woefully behind on these posts Note to self: never make a writing commitment in public again. I have already written two pieces today but only one is for public viewing, it's just some random rhyming I did. Fun rhymes like this are one of the things I really enjoy doing. I think one of my next pieces will be about summer about to end..hmm...but anyway, here's a post to hold you till tonight. I plan on posting twice a day until the end of the month, that will catch me up on my posing goal! Thank you everyone once again for your continued visual appreciation of my work! Almost 1,200 views on the blog! It really does mean a lot to see that there are people out there who truly enjoy the work I enjoy so much. I'll quit rambling now and let you get to the enjoyable part :)

For Rhyme's Sake

Spittin rhymes for spittins sake
Gonna get this track all wet, Maloney lake
just because your lyrics bounce
Does not you an artist make
Just like throwin eggs into a pan
Doesn't magically create a cake
Don't think I'm hatin on your craft
I'm just tryina tell you don't be fake
It's not my pride that drives me
To be driven by one other is my take
I know you'll take this message hard
Probly hold it in and let it bake
You better let it out and let it go
Or your psyche it will break
I'm not comparing you to me
You can't compare a mower to a rake
One has power seeming unlimited
While the other just piles makes
If you stack one up on the other
The rake's courage would forsake
It's image would be ruined
It's seen effectiveness at stake
I'm sorry for my metaphors
Some people grasp them like snowflakes
And by that I mean not at all
So my point I must then remake
Undress it from its intelligent address
And present it completely nak-
Ed without those fancy trimmings
That make it look so good like Blake
But what was I sayin?
Oh yeah about those rhymes you break
I mean not like they were together
I mean they don't exactly make me ache
Maybe I should pick another topic
Off those jumbles remind me of a quake
Man these lyrics just seem to wind
Subject to subject like a snake
But hopefully their honest expression
Your creative eyes they will awake
Maybe they'll get off that verbiage milk
And have you tryin some of my steak