Saturday, July 14, 2012

Part 9 of 27- Truth's Drop

A quick post on my way to work! On my couch feelin like I'm gonna pass out at work tonight but I crammed a few words into a cryptic pattern. Decipher it if you can :) and even if it takes you in a direction unintended, please, as always, enjoy!

Truth's Drop

Bass drops
Heart catches
Tempo rise
Pulse matches

Lyrics fade
Mind goes blank
Faking truth
Heard so frank

Dream aside
Distraction fade
Emotions tide
Mindset wade

Lift you up
Dropping low
Rhythm's love
Stop and go

Issues fade
Hardship lost
Beat surrounds
Life accosts

Delusion grand
Moment still
Irration's cup
Dangerous full

Sane is lost
Rhyme has won
Victory sunk
All for fun