Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Part 4 of 27- Flame On

Here's the missing post! I was preoccupied last night and then fell asleep before I planned so there's my excuse :) This one is for Sunday the 8th, hopefully I don't have to play catch up again on this! I'll be posting today's poem in a little bit. Enjoy!!!

Flame On

People cry and people wail
Because the fires burning long
The emotional reaction of them
Maybe it will end up in a song
Their feelings toward destruction
To be honest are all wrong
For the falling's not the end
It's just a test of what is strong
The vain material will flash
Just like a might king kong
Going higher till its seen by all
Then it's over like a game of pong
The realist then is all that's left
It's true mettle sounding like a gong