Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Post 11 of 27- No Pane, No Gain

Check it out!!!!! Late night musings :) I'm in an awesome mood because of a wake up call I received from God earlier and it kinda translated a little into this piece. I hope it can inspire you even a little bit!!! And even if it leaves you still clinging to the ordinary, please enjoy as always :)

No Pane, No Gain

Ridin round careless
Not knowin that your calm
Is about to interrupt
Hit so hard it's like a bomb
Sayin you got all of your needs
When really this is just a balm

But not for your lips no
More like for your heart
Keepin your worries smooth
And your life rollin like a cart
When really all these objects
Have your life stuck right at the start

Car crash
Hulk smash
Marvel at this real life

Choice rash
Thyme dash
Spice it up with strife

Sailin smooth is just too fad
The unconcerned are so mundane
Too afraid to take a chance
Fear of new becomes their chain
Tell your fears to come alive
Then teach them what you know of pain

Not the window kind
Don't spend your days starin out
Wishin you had the courage
Of those takin on life's bout
Let loose your bob and weave
Let em hear your battle shout