Sunday, July 8, 2012

Part 3 of 27 - He Sitting Toward Me

Technically this post is 34 minutes late but I'm going to count it as on time since I actually wrote the poem around 1 today. I was at Amigos eating lunch with some of the church crew and a man sat down at a corner booth acting slightly odd. His behavior inspired me to write this poem between bites of an amazing taquito

He sits
A furtive glance
Thrown roomward

He sits
A social trance
Mood gloomward

He sits
A life askance
Headed doomward

He sits
A searching lance
Seeking whomward

He sits
A sudden prance
Journey tombward

Hope you liked it! If so, tell me about it! Or tell me how you found it distasteful, either way, leave a note in the box below! Well I'm hitting the sack for a few hours so that's all till tomorrow!