Friday, July 13, 2012

Post 7 of 27- Push, No Pull

Picked a random topic at Starbucks. I'm gonna just type it out as it comes with no editing. Guess we'll see if this works! Enjoy :)

The door says push
Still, you pull
Your intelligence bank
Obviously full

Trying to force
It to come to you
When force outward
Would allow you through

The trial you face
Is not so hard
Follow the signs
Keep up your guard

Advance nonstop
Think quit never
The hold on faith
You cannot sever

Without compliance
Comes great woe
Obey written word
Or your life will go

See through the glass
The door looks clear
Your way translucent
Goals so near

You can't attain
While holding fear
Let go your fright
Your eyesight sear

Don't look through
It may seem clear
Your way to go
Written so near

The door says push
Yet still you pull
Your forward movement
Is obviously null