Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Part 6 of 27- Put The S In Average

I hate when I'm not a fan of my own work. Sometimes it's just like the words aren cooperating. Oh well, this is what I've got for today! Let me know what thoughts it brings up inside your cranium! And don't forget to show it to someone else!

Put The S In Average

Wait a minute
Take a sec
Let me get this straight

You really thought
For a bit
That defeat was my fate??

You can't know
Or even guess
At what really drives this gait

A human built
With other hands
A purpose for which I wait

The steel here
Strength so huge
There's very few which can relate

Weak me beat me
Forget kryptonite
This man's still standing real straight

Grab a fork
Even a small part
You couldn't handle from what's on my plate

Keep stressin
Worry how I stand
I'll always know I'm more than you rate

Hope you enjoyed my artistry! Thank you for appreciating my verbiage arraignment! Don't forget to take a minute to breathe and laugh with a child today!