Thursday, July 5, 2012

Part 1 of 27 "Untitled Arrogance"

I'm feeling ambitious! Don't you live how I start my posts like we're already in the middle of a shared thought? Back to my ambition, today is July 5th! Okay, not exactly shocking, but I've been feeling like I need to hone my skills and practice achieving different affects through their composition. As a result of this epiphany of sorts, I am going to undertake a challenge of my own making; I am going to post a poem, long or short or structured or free verse, every day for the rest of the month. I'm always complaining of lack of time but I seem to find enough time to loaf around! Thus, I am dedicating a portion of each day to writing anything I can think of and posting it on here. I'd love to have all of you along for this short literary journey! Please continue to check back for my daily posts and feel free to comment on anything you read! I love feedback! My free time for today has been exhausted but I'll leave you with the first installment in this series. Enjoy!!!!

Untitled Arrogance

Arrogant uncaring
The world surrounds
Against my better knowledge
It pounds and pounds
I'm stuck pickin up pieces
Hopin to catch their rebounds
From all the dreams they wreck
Animosity abounds
Patiently pick up the scraps
And try to rebuild these grounds
The public consideration
Ever telling me my bounds
The comment-haters of this life
Making their constant rounds
The consensus seems to hold
That my life is like a scounds
Always sweating to take off
But never able to leave ground
Good thing only His thoughts matter
All y'all are so much sounds

Write at you tomorrow!!! God bless!