Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sympathy For Lost Empathy

Okay so this is an attempt at free form artistry. It still has some form but it doesn't rhyme at all, if you know me then you know how difficult it is for me not to rhyme in manipulated speech. These are real speculations which flitted through my head in that brief second of passing. Please enjoy :)

Sympathy For Lost Empathy

Sipping my coffee
A smoothie actually
With the roasted bean
To enhance it's flavor

Then a woman walks by
Her gaze floor-ward
Her eyes averted
From any gaze returned

Her walk is as one
Who has seen much
That life has to offer
In it's bitterness

The air she puts
Forth from her
Like an aura
A cocoon of uncertainty

Just another soul
Half cracked
By the trials
Given to most

A curiosity
Springing upward
Surfacing in mine
Wonder at her station

Does she yet bear
Those afflictions
Which bear her
So obviously low

Does she wear
The timescars
Or open sores
Not yet passed

In a moment
She passed
All of this
Consideration over

And again
I turn oblivious
Of her pain
To my coffee

Hope you could appreciate it! If you have comments or thoughts on the subject matter or style please feel free to comment! Until my next spot I inspiration, live curious and take time to read to a child.