Thursday, July 19, 2012

Post 12 of 27- Cruisin Rhymes

Check it out :) A little bit more lyrical than most of my stuff. Enjoy :)

Cruisin Rhymes

Heyyyy I think it's a chill night
Kickin back worries kilt night
Gettin messy look a fright
We don't really care
Yeah it's alright

Take a ride
See the sights
Summer glow
City lights


Don't really know where we goin tonight maybe gonna get crazy gonna get in a fight or we'll kick it takin fly to a brand new height either way we gonna shine like the sun so bright ridin on the breeze like Charlie's kite gonna run this town like Jay-Z might now cut to the beat no cheap sound bite no off color rhymes this spits all white

Now put the beat in neutral
Let the tension ease
Your auditory lobes
I'll continue to please
But not like Mike
Nah I promise no sleaze
I'll treat you ladies right
My lyrics down on their knees
Countless years of pleasure
Not just forty, Rick Dees
My aristocrat beats
Never stop like bees
If you think they're gone
I'm evergreen tree
Stinging unexpected pleasure
Cuz I never leaves

Parking spot
No handicap
This cat is real
No trendy sap
My limit's here
Verbiage cap
Rhythm's done
Through with that