Friday, July 13, 2012

Part 8 of 27- Skirmish: Lyrical

Late night crafting during the time I should be sleeping! Just some simple lines that I enjoyed putting together :) Hope you enjoy them as well!!!

Skirmish: Lyrical

Listen for a minute
tell me if you hear
Let me put it down
Holler if it's clear

Drop these beats
Spit some rhymes
Smash em together
Put in some kinda time

Makin bass like skrillex
Lookin twice as fly
Make your heartbeat twitch
Not bat an eye

Make it look hard
I don't even gotta try
Say there's a limit
I'm lookin past your sky

Move that foot
You feel it too
Bust some moves
Feel this groove

Let the artist speak
Not words he'll use
The sound you grasp
His tool to choose

Your ear is caught
Resistance through
Your flow responds
The beat has you