Monday, July 16, 2012

Post 10 of 27- A False Lie

Anagram time! I really enjoy these creative forms, especially anagrams where the one liner actually adds to the poems central thought. I know I'm very behind on these postings and I do apologize :( I think I'm two posts behind so I will be working on catching up this week! Here is today's post! Please enjoy :) and don't forget to tell me what you thought!!!

A False Lie

Three little words
Haply traded back and forth
Ever bandied like careless jest
Long used as without worth
Anon they grew so familiar
So mundane as to not matter
The root feeling past expounded
In pieces lay all scattered
Lacking returned favor
Out of life the emotion seemed
Vast portions of its home
Ever guarded were then deemed
Yelling, screaming, crying
Out loud a promise then made
Until authentic return sighted
Three words use was strict forbade