Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Writing Creatively

Yes it has been quite a while now since I last blogged. I have been ridiculously busy with school and work as of late. Hopefully it will settle down into some kind of rythm in the near future. Various things have been inspiring my writing lately, although I have not written any of them down in public view. This is a poem that I wrote for creative writing class a couple days ago and I liked how it worked out. It was on switching point of views mid-poem. I received an A from the teacher on it but feel free to grade or comment yourself!

There he goes

Racing down the street in his car

That engines gonna blow

Just like his life, it won’t go very far

Always driving fast

His lifestyle probably matches

That wasteful lifestyle won’t last

Him and his car will end up crashes

His whole life I’ll bet

Is set at the same pace

Stupid boy doesn’t realize

It’s not speed but how you run the race

Trying to escape

From all that has gone wrong

With my foot pressing the pedal

Suddenly I feel strong

As my speed increases

All my cares just slip away

I live my life so serious

This is my one chance to play

So many struggles in my world

I’m always living right

This is my one small way

Against conformity I fight

Gone for another week

We’ll see him by the weekend

Unless that horrible acceleration

Has his motor far too weakened

His plight just won’t end well

I’m sure we’ll see him soon

Pushing that poor vehicle

Ever closer to its doom