Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Between A (Rock) And A [Hard Place]

1. Me of the Past
2.The occurrences of Armas's life which had an impact, positive or negative, upon the future

[Hard Place]
har-d pla-ce
1. Myself of the Future
2. The possibilities presented when facing the time periods which are to come.

I'm stuck between me and myself
Caught in this moment without any help
The past is behind me pulling me back
The future awaits me like some kind of trap
I'm steered by the things which already occurred
Yet by those things promised I'm also allured
Looking back for inspiration that leads me all wrong
But searchingly forward not a thing holds me strong
Whats gone on those are my pains
What may become these are my chains
A moment of indecision without a voice to yell help
I'm stuck, indefinitely, between me and myself