Friday, January 20, 2012


You Only Live Once / this is what they're telling me
Take a shot, take a hit / This is my chance to be free
Free from the restricions / Free from all the rules
Free from all the rambling thoughts / Of those stupid old fools
I'm young my life is good / I'm living slick, not in the hood
With all these opportunities / Why do what they all say I should
Screw the regulations / Forget thinking ahead
The time I can plan carefully / Is after I am dead
Look at all these kids / They're having all the fun
If I wait to take my chance / Then my chances will be done
Taking my friends with me / Gonna get my party on tonight
Forget about feeling guilty / No rules makes it all right
I just hope there's someone else / To watch out for my brother
I wonder will another / Be there when it's going bad for my mother
Eh don't worry about it / I'm sure they'll be okay
I'll just drink until I can't remember / The date or time of day
I don't have to stick around / But man I hope my sister makes it
I am the only one who knows / Just exactly how she fakes it
But hey that's not my job / That's what parents are for right?
I mean how can they all expect me / To keep their life going day and night
It's not my responsibility / Just let me have my time
It's not like going out / At 21 is still a crime
And all those guys looking up to me / They'll all think I'm so cool
I mean sure I'm not exactly telling them / Don't smoke or drink and stay in school
But nobody is perfect / Just take a look at all my friends
If they keep going like they are / It's obvious how that ends
I don't really want that though / I really want to see them make it
Although it kinda seems like / They're more likely to take life and just break it
You know what just forget them / I deserve this I have earned it
I'm gonna take this rulebook / And live just like I burned it

You only live once. This is a recurring theme I have been hearing from everyone lately. College students, "mature" adults, even young teens who have barely even started their life journey. Basically what they are doing is using the phrase YOLO as an excuse. An excuse to do what makes them feel good or seems like a good idea at the time. Screw the consequences is the attitude they are projecting. Forget what all of our peers say about planning carefully and weighing decisions for what really is the best. Yeah, that worked really well for the hippies in the 60's and 70's huh. All of their "free living" gave us rampant sexual diseases that we cannot get rid of and so many problems as a nation that we can't even begin to fix them if we had another hundred years. How about considering that you only live once so make your life count for something more than "oh he was the coolest guy ever! I heard he could drink anyone under the table and he totally rocks at beer pong!". Why not dedicate yourself to changing this world in a positive way? Why not consider that there are thousands of people passing you every day that you could impact in some way other than "that's the guy who passed out at that party in his underwear"? With so many broken lives, broken homes,
and hurting people in YOUR life, you really want to help replicate the cycle by living so selfishly? Why not be better? How about showing that hot girl that gentlemen really do still exist and she doesn't have to settle for the overly hormonal cads that have become the norm in our society? Or why not give your nieces, nephews, cousins, sons, and daughters a reason to believe that they can have a life other than 9 to 5 and blacking out on the weekends? Find a dream. An ambition. Something to dedicate each morning to. A person. An inspiration. Some reason why you don't have to get so plastered you can't remember your own name, but instead make each choice with the knowledge you are helping someone, somehow, to live their own life in a better way. I could speak on this subject until I have written a book but, in the end, it's really up to you. Make a choice. Learn how to truly live. Not accelerate your pace towards death. Love living life to it's true full potential, and in doing so, you will help others to achieve the same.

Just my thoughts.

     - Armas