Monday, January 23, 2012

Looks Are Deceiving

I'm feeling frustrated at my school and instructors right now and it's stifling anything but completely annoyed creativity. See, I couldn't even think of a good synonym for annoyed. But, I want to keep up my posting since I've been on a kind of roll lately so here's something I wrote a while ago. Sometimes a person can be inspiration for something good even when they're place in your life turns out to be anything but what you envisioned. 
For your viewing pleasure (or critiquing)

First Look

 I saw you earlier today
Caught you lookin my way
I didn't think it was possible
But you're more beautiful than they say
It was hard for me to say hello
With my heart beating so
And now the moments over
And I can't believe I let you go
Now I'm watching the night sky
Watching stars go flying by
And wondering if you're looking
At the same stars as am I
As I watch their streaks unfurl
I realize I'd give the world
To have that moment back
And to know you are my girl