Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just A Note To Say "Gracias....."

     I'm pretty sure I'm officially a failure as a blogger. It's been over a month since I last posted. However, now that summer is here I hope to be more active in my writings and I will be sharing some of them on here as I deem them fit for public consumption :P I noticed that since my last post I'm almost up to 800 views!!! Thank you everyone for participating in what began as a simple project to see if anyone would pay attention to my attempts at literary creativity :) I wrote several different pieces today but there is one I would especially like to share. This was inspired by one of my friends who is also an addict of the verbal variety. She is also an admirable woman of God and, through this following of the only worthy pursuit, has helped keep me focused on using my talents for the glory of God. She has a blog too and it's pretty good (maybe even better than mine 8-0 ) so you should check it out too! www.and-what-n0t.blogspot.com
     And without any further stalling, I present my piece:

Gracias por su dedicacion

I've been following all your works
And they've been putting I to shame
I realize in my lack of progress
I've only I to blame
Continually wishing all these talents
Would bring I gold and fame
But even through I's feats
The results all seemed the same
Instead of bolstering I's success
It seems I's fortune it did wane

I think you've helped I see the problem
Through your talents I'm more sane
I see now what I've done
By complaining of the rain
I've dethroned the Only One
Who o'er my talents should have reign
He is the Only One
Who my works now should proclaim
I don't even know how they're really mine
When the ability's signed His name

This sense of wonder at my estate
My utter gall to try reclaim
The reins held with hands of might
So powerful, unable to strain

I could go on forever
About His blessings I enslave
But the purpose of this rant 
Is my humility to reclaim
By beseeching you continue 
To inspire me with the grain
The one He gave to you
To bring honor to His stain

     If you can sense even a little of the feeling in this work, go ahead and click that link up there for her blog, I'll bet you don't come away without some food for thought.
     See y'all soon ;-)


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  1. wow. thanks, armas. i am more than honoured to be even mentioned among God's blessings and/or speakings. I feel the same about you, brother. Gracias tambien. :)