Friday, December 23, 2011


Two way street.
Traffic comes from both directions. There does not need to be a question of when it will come, how long it will be there or why it has traveled this route. It is simply built knowing it will be used when it is needed. No questions asked.

Realistic expectations.
Without a need for constant affirmation, but instead falling back on resources built up over time to support it when it's sustainance is temporarily suspended.

Unfailing strength.
The ability to stand, unwavering, even in the face of massive adversity. As well as not letting down it's gaurd when left to fend for itself for a period of time.

Sumptuous taste.
Delighting in the experience of indulging in the senses which gratify. Without the need to constantly affirm it's pallet with a non-stop diet of sustaining morsels.

Taking a stand.
Not letting up whatever the circumstance. Not allowing the the subtle or overt advances on it's boundaries to force it to succum. Or the lonely effort without support to lull it into collapse.

Do you really?