Sunday, August 28, 2011

Greater Is He Who Is In Me.....

It's been almost a month since I last posted!!! I have been slacking woefully in my writings of all kinds lately. That article I want to write on the buildings downtown? Yeah, not even started yet.
 I just realized a day or two ago that having class every day means homework every single night. Not cool. So I'm trying to cure my procrastinating ways but those efforts have yet to come to fruition. School is going okay, my classes are a little sporadic and I can't quite seem to settle in yet but I'm hopeful that unsettled feeling will be gone soon. Spanish class is scary. I'll start talking a little in Spanish once I know more than burrito means "little donkey".
 Just trying to get my school+work life on a stable track before things get out of hand, "sigh" unfortunately sleep lost out to all my other activities since my first day of class and doesn't seem to be close to making a reappearance.
On a random note, little kids are great for therapy. I'm sitting at Starbucks (surprise, I know) and there is a little girl in an almost medieval style dress playing with a flower right outside the window. She's absolutely adorable and it's almost therapeutic just watching her. So innocent and unworried about all of the world's cares. If only we could go back to that place if only for a moment to recapture some of that unspotted  optimism. On a similar vein, one of my friends has been going through a tough time lately and has been a reminder of how God has the only wisdom and strength that really gets us through. All the world's offerings of wisdom and advice only serve as temporary fixes which eventually fade and often make us harder and less open in the end. God's love and support are the only places we can go which will actually make us more open and tender towards those around us, not shut down and bitter.
To speak of a purely physical, unspiritual topic, I begin my workouts again in 3 weeks! I became extremely lazy over the summer and have not attempted a workout since may. I'm so out of shape even thinking of a good ball game makes me sweat. This is going to change. I'm redoing Insanity and soooo ready to be, excuse the term, ripped again. I'm considering chronicling my workout journey online somehow, whether that be on here or starting a different blog I haven't decided yet.
 Well my frapp is almost gone and I will soon be late for choir practice. So a midst crazy earthquakes, horrible hurricanes, and devastating tornadoes, still leaning on God's strength, I bid you adieu.