Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Broke, Not Ghetto

So I broke my nice expensive headphones :( I found them under my bed with one of the phones snapped off at the flexy part. So, being the resourceful upper lower class American I am, I used the all-Amercian cure: Duck tape! Yes, my headphones are now held together by a stylish strip of purple duck tape (don't hate). They certainly don't look as "cool" as before but they still pump the audio equivalent of speed into my ears just as well as before so I'm very accepting of their less than perfect appearance.

Two and a half weeks till classes start. Am I prepared? No. I don't want the non-stop hustle and feeling of impending doom that a work+class+church+homework schedule brings. "sigh", school hasn't even started yet and already I need a vacation.
Well I have a new goal in my pursuit of education. I was reading Proverbs chapter 3 yesterday and it seemed clear and commanding in a way it never has before. All of my knowledge and skills I obtain at the college here or even the highest place of learning in the world, mean nothing if I don't have the wisdom to know how to apply it all in a Godly manner to my life and lifestyle. This being said, my new goal is the "getting of wisdom". God and His Word being the primary sources of wisdom, I will be delving into deep times of meditation with each with increasing (I hope) frequency.
On another subject, I'm considering researching and writing an article about the shameful state of the downtown area in this community. There is currently a building up for sale which has stood for quite a few years and has significant historical value along with it's adjoining structures. Anyway, I'll cut off right there before I start writing the article now. I'll be sure to let everyone know where to find it if I can get it published after it's completion.
To all my faithful readers (all 4 of you) and the numerous visitors to my asinine ramblings, I thank you for your viewing support. Almost 300 views!!!!! If you have a google account just press the follow button to become a recognized supporter of my humble column.
Until next time, best wishes from a nerd living on the edge in the middle of nowhere.