Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Reason I've Called You All Here Today...

Back in good ol' Middle Of Nowhere again!
So sorry it has been so long since I have blessed all of you with my gems of wisdom, I will try not to let such a long period go by without posting again.
So! I actually wore my new glasses the other day ( they're very super-nerd) I did not get any pictures but I will definitely remember to take some next time. My style is rather cramped right now, however, as a result of a twisted ankle which is becoming increasingly difficult to walk on. Ah, how painful fun can be. I received my injury at Bible Camp which I returned from this past saturday. The multiple scrapes, burns, and bruises were well worth it though, as I got a tremendous blessing (as well as some toe-crunching) from the incredible preaching. I am so thankful that I can take part in the molding of the next generation of leaders, it makes me take an introspective look at my own life to see what I need to correct to be a better leader myself!
Well back to the present, I am currently enjoying the sounds and smells of my local Starbucks (surprise, I know) while throwing down a cafe vanilla frap and an apple fritter. I feel so urban-nerd-chic :P
Well in my blog instructional readings they always say that a blog should contain useful information to apply to the reader, so my useful info today is that in today's busy rush of a world, we should always take the time to step back for a second and evaluate our life. Ask yourself: What more could I be doing for God?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Ain't Dead!

Hello erebody!
I'm not dead I've just been too busy to get online long enough to actually write something on here, but that will change! ...even though this is going to be really short...but anyway.
So this whole blog thing started as an experiment prompted by my sister to see how many views and followers I could get in one month, I picked the month of may and, thanks to you all, I reached 169 views!!!! So thank you all who stop by to read my random drivel!!!!! I did however only collect three followers, so start clicking on the follow button!!!!! Please :)
On an artistic note, I haven't been able to start my piano lesssons yet as my schedule has been insane for the last few weeks but hopefully I will start soon. As for the writing projects, I have started one or two new things and have ideas for a couple more (maybe I'll put them on here when I'm done, I can't decide).
In other news, I wore a Jeff Cap ( ) for an entire day! It was extremely styling. I did receive a large number of stares and odd looks from the socially awkward peoples of this town but that is expected by anyone willing to wear something different here. I'll try to find a picture of my stylish attire for my next posting, which hopefully will appear sometime in the near future!
Thank you all once again and I hope you continue to review my online periodical!!! Until next time, peace, love, and white rap.
Oh, and God bless ;-)