Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Reason I've Called You All Here Today...

Back in good ol' Middle Of Nowhere again!
So sorry it has been so long since I have blessed all of you with my gems of wisdom, I will try not to let such a long period go by without posting again.
So! I actually wore my new glasses the other day ( they're very super-nerd) I did not get any pictures but I will definitely remember to take some next time. My style is rather cramped right now, however, as a result of a twisted ankle which is becoming increasingly difficult to walk on. Ah, how painful fun can be. I received my injury at Bible Camp which I returned from this past saturday. The multiple scrapes, burns, and bruises were well worth it though, as I got a tremendous blessing (as well as some toe-crunching) from the incredible preaching. I am so thankful that I can take part in the molding of the next generation of leaders, it makes me take an introspective look at my own life to see what I need to correct to be a better leader myself!
Well back to the present, I am currently enjoying the sounds and smells of my local Starbucks (surprise, I know) while throwing down a cafe vanilla frap and an apple fritter. I feel so urban-nerd-chic :P
Well in my blog instructional readings they always say that a blog should contain useful information to apply to the reader, so my useful info today is that in today's busy rush of a world, we should always take the time to step back for a second and evaluate our life. Ask yourself: What more could I be doing for God?

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